Polaco Fucks Diego

Hey there guys. We’ve come back with more all new and all fresh M2Mclub scenes and you can bet that you get another treat in the form of today’s little fuck fest with the two studs that we have to show off. Polaco and Diego are the two man sluts that get to play in this one for you and they get to have the time of their life with one another for this one afternoon as you will shortly see. But what you can be assured on, is that their scene is one juicy and passionate gay fuck fest that you simply must see here at M2M club today! So let’s get that show on the road as we bet that you are all just too eager to get to see the whole show go down!


Once their M2Mclub show begins, the two guys get all over each other and you can tell that they were quite in the mood to get to play. See them kissing and caressing each other as they get more and more horny and since Diego gets to be on the receiving end, watch him giving Polaco a superb oral right after that foreplay. He wants to taste that man meat with his lips too and he got the guy rock hard in seconds of course as well. See them then getting down to business and you can see Diego moan in pleasure loudly as his ass gets a pretty amazing dicking too. We’ll see you once again next week too, but do enjoy this and the ending of it as well as you get to see Diego covered in jizz!

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